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18 augustus 2019 - Villefranche-sur-Mer, Frankrijk

8:30am Woke up to a cloudy sky, had some breakfast and we decided to go to Villefranche today. Villefranche means town of freedom. Catherine, my mom and I took the bus which stops right outside our appartment at 10:15 to Villefranche. Took us about 45 minutes to get there and the views were amazing on the way!


Once there, we walked down to where the shops and restuarants are, stopped for a drink at Le Cosmo while looking out at the harbour. After that, we took a walk around to find a nice place for lunch. We sat down at La Dolce Vita and ordered lunch, we were right on the water, what a beautiful place!



After lunch we went walking through the shopping mom finally found a nice dress and shirt. I bought a white polo with Villefranche on it. Then walking back in the direction of the harbour we thought we would see if we could go on a boat trip.

15:00 We went out on a boat which just went around the harbour of Villefranche but it was amazing...well just see for yourself 😉


I think I might have spotted Elton John...well take look and tell me what you think? Right side at the bottom?


16:15 We took the train back to Menton. Once we were back we had a shower and relaxed for a bit. At 19:00 we all took a slow walk to La Piccadilly for dinner as it was such a succes the first time round. Once again the food didn't disapoint!



The portions are so big it was a struggle to finish, but it was all so delicious that we didn't want to leave anything behind haha 🤤 Now we're back and tired from the long day we're all off to bed. Saying goodbye to Menton is going to be hard tomorrow. 😥



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  1. Aleida Collinge:
    18 augustus 2019
    Stunning place! Safe travels back home! 💜
  2. Liza Burggraaf:
    19 augustus 2019
    Thanks sis 😘
  3. Natasha:
    19 augustus 2019
    Beautiful, and I think that's Elton John too. Have a safe trip back xxx
  4. Liza Burggraaf:
    19 augustus 2019
    Yes got lucky just snapping some shots haha was cool to are him!
  5. Edna Burggraaf:
    19 augustus 2019
    Thanks to all for a wonderful time in France going to miss the sound of the sea at night and this beautiful view

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