Three little fishes 🐟🐠🐡

13 augustus 2019 - Menton, Frankrijk

8:00am waking up to this view and the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks below is amazing. It makes me realize how much I miss the beach and beach life. Reminiscing about my teenage years we used to skip out on school just to go to the beach and catch some waves 🙈 sorry mom haha.


Now that Gordon has worked out how to get out of this appartment he has kindly volunteered to get us breakfast every morning. Lekker fresh croissants with jam, orange juice, water and coffee.


Here are some pictures of this gorgeous appartment...



After breakfast Catherine and I went to the beach for a swim and some snorkelling...the water was very inviting and refreshing after that walk down. Once in the water, I saw plenty of fish swimming around between the rocks. Here are a couple I spotted. Definitely going to explore further tomorrow... 



Above photos of the fish are taken from Google as I can not take photos under water.

12:30 Back at the appartement just to have a shower and wash the very salty water off me. Then off to the local Spar for some lunch suplies. 13:00 Enjoying some lunch on the top balcony with Catherine and Mom. Gordon has also just got back from a stroll to the town where he had some beers and a lunch at a brasserie called Majestic.

14:30 Now time for a siesta!!

18:00  We all took a walk into town for some dinner but unfortunately the restaurant we wanted to eat at was fully booked so we went looking for another and ended up at a square where we had some drinks and food. After that we took a walk through the very lively shopping streets. I bought a pair of slops as I had forgotten to bring mine 🙈. Then Catherine and Gordon had an ice cream and my mom had a frozen yohgurt. Walking back to our appartment we stopped off for another drink and I had a crepe with nutella as I hadn't had desert yet 😋. Then my mom and I took a slow walk the rest of the way while Catherine and Gordon stayed for another drink. On the way we walked past a band playing The Beatle's covers...was very entertaining 🎙🎼. In celebration of the 70th Music Festival. Back at the appartment now 22:30 just chilling on the balcony. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring in beautiful Menton!


23:30 Just before we went to bed we saw 3 shooting stars! ✨ Goodnight!


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  1. Aleida Collinge:
    14 augustus 2019
    Awesome! Enjoy guys!❤
  2. Liza Burggraaf:
    15 augustus 2019
    Thanks sis it is so nice here!
  3. Aleida Collinge:
    15 augustus 2019
    It does look stunning babe! I'm jealous....wish I was there with you guys! Xxxx

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