Fly me to the moon 🛫

12 augustus 2019 - Schiphol, Nederland

10:30 Lets go...the day started off with taking an Uber (for the first time, might I add) to Rotterdam Central Station. A very plesant experience! At central we all charged our OV chipcards and boarded the fast train to Schiphol. There we waited for Gordon, Catherine's dad, once he arrived we proceded to check in and to go through security. This wasn't as straight forward as you might think, haha, with my mom, Edna forgetting to take her water bottle out of her handbag, Gordon being strip searched and Catherine being asked if her tampons where electrical, whaha 🤣. I was the only one to walk through without any problems. After that, we walked to Het Paleis for a well deserved drink after that rocky start and waited to board our flight. Boarding went smoothly but as usal everyone had more than just one piece of luagage and we had to search for space to put ours bags uptop. Now in our chairs and waiting for take-off! !! MENTON HERE WE COME!! 14:30 



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